EOQUANT Applications Applications

/a non-exhaustive list/

For civil, industrial and government use:

  • Banks / Regulated Financial Institutions
  • Asset managers and Investment Funds
  • Government Ministries and Agencies
  • Data Protection Authorities
  • Regulatory Bodies
  • Municipalities and local governance units
  • Customs
  • Healthcare Systems
  • Hospitals and Medical Conglomerates
  • Telecoms and High-speed Networks
  • Public Transport
  • Video Surveillance and Monitoring (highways,
    metropolitan areas, special facilities)
  • Major places of interest and cultural heritage
  • Exhibition Centers / EXPO Complexes
  • Industrial processes and management
  • Critical infrastructure (controllers, monitoring)
  • Power plants
  • Power distribution / Power grid
  • Water supply systems and irrigation
  • Oil and Gas Extraction and Logistics
  • Refineries
  • Civil Aviation
  • Airports and Traffic Control
  • Ports and Sea Logistics

For classified use:

  • Police / Law Enforcement
  • Fire Prevention and Control Units
  • Military Air Force
  • Naval Forces
  • Land Forces
  • Air Defense
  • Intelligence Agencies
  • Other Special Service Agencies and Units
  • Combat Management
  • Homeland Control and Protection
  • Border Control
  • Coast Guard
  • Military and classified equipment and systems
  • Encryption of middle wave range
  • Military and classified communication incl. between units and command centers, national and international coordination and missile and land-air controls