Operational Benefits and Unique Features BENEFITS

  • The first technology enabling system implementations that freely uses open communication channels such as unprotected internet, wireless and phone networks, radio, unencrypted satellite and network broadcasting. There is no way for an intruder to steal the encryption keys. Because there are no passwords, codes, keys, tokens or devices that need to be given to the other party.
  • All keys are created, transmitted and used in real time within the system.
  • No other system treats equally the risks from outside attacks and the risks from insiders. It is proven that the most damaging attacks, penetrations and vulnerabilities usually come from people with inside access such as employees, managers or administrators. EOQuant gives protection from insiders even if the penetration is facilitated by the highest-level executives and decision-makers, such as: CEO, Head of Agency, Head of IT, System Administrators, regulatory body or certification authority. With EOQuant the “Snowden Scenario” is never a possibility.
  • Similarly, no outside party can access, collect or retain any data, system setting or communication. The system can be fully autonomous – the vendor installs and sets the system up and never again has any access or visibility on what is going on and how.
  • EOQuant requires ZERO INVESTMENT in special hardware or equipment – it can be installed on the existing infrastructure and machines, without interrupting any business or technical processes. It can also be used with the cheapest devices on the market (standard computers, cheap phones and tablets, old industrial or military controllers and machines), including disposable devices for one-time use.
  • Unique one-time pricing model – no hidden costs and NO MAINTENANCE COSTS. The existing security systems have a “price for the system” and then an ongoing price for encryption keys generation that is usually more than 70% of the overall costs. An organization can purchase EOQuant, have it installed and never have to pay a dollar more.
  • EOQuant requires no special education and training even for the system administrators. Also, all programs that are based on EOQuant have versions that look exactly like the most widely used software tools in the world – this is to assure that all users can work with the systems from day one without additional investment in personnel.
  • For data storage and civil and classified computer systems – EOQuant works with all types of databases, public and private clouds, major and specialized vendors of computer systems and communications. The usual problems with trying to integrate tens of systems from different generations and from different vendors are resolved.
  • For communications – EOQuant has its own messengers, email and special communication modules. But the clients can also decide to use what they are using at present and have their standard email or communication lines shielded at each entry and exit point.
  • If the client wants to add a procedure or a security protocol specific to them, that can be implemented on any type of computers, devices or networks.
  • EOQuant can work with any language, encoding and symbol format. Our proprietary coding solves a number of problems with synchronization and compatibility that are experienced on a daily basis, especially with military systems and in complex industries such as finance and IT.
  • Because EOQuant is easy to setup and implement, the clients can immediately perform tests on their networks and data and with their own crypto analysts, hackers and penetration and IT specialists.