Methodology and Crypto Strength Methodology

  • The more complex a system is, the more vulnerable it becomes. Unlike the other systems on the market that rely on extreme functional complexity, EOQuant adopts the logic of the successful hacker attacks and of the natural phenomena – it is simple, highly effective in its modularity and universally applicable.
  • EOQuant covers all existing criteria for a “perfect security system” as defined by the experts and the scientific research. It shows a practical and working application of concepts and methods that most crypto analysts still consider impossible to use “in real life”.
  • Each encryption key has its own type, logic and structure different from that of the previous or the next one. And the same applies to each piece of information that is being encrypted.
  • Each encryption key can have a length larger than the one of the information piece that it encrypts. And can be of different type and format than the transmitted data or the data channel.
  • EOQuant conforms with all major international standards for information security. And at the same time, it remains outside of the logic of the commercially developed crypto algorithms.
  • For most of the existing systems the more information one needs to protect or transmit, the easier it becomes to penetrate or compromise the system. With EOQuant – the more information one needs to process and the more complex one’s data and communication needs, the stronger the EOQuant protection develops.
  • It can be modeled and proven that an attacker cannot break EOQuant even with all the hardware equipment in the world and with unimaginable power consumption. The methodology and scale of EOQuant’s hybrid quant protection algorithms is beyond the dimensionality of any currently employed crypto system and of any crypto analyst’s logic.